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Listed below are developmental milestones gathered from standardized tests that are often used to assess delay in fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and self care skills. If your child is experiencing delays in any of following areas, he/she might benefit from occupational therapy services.

Developmental Milestones:
Fine Motor/Self Care/Visual Motor Skill Development

3 years
Snips with scissors
Washes hands independently
Begins to hold pencil with thumb and two fingers 
Dresses self with supervision, some help with fasteners such as zippers, buttons, and snaps
Can lace beads on a string

3-4 years
Spreads glue on paper and places it on another piece of paper
Cuts across a piece of paper on a straight line
Folds paper 
Eats with a spoon without spilling
Washes and dries hands independently
Dresses and undresses independently
Uses buttons, zippers, and snaps independently
Can copy a circle

4-5 years
Draws a person with 8 parts
Cuts out a basic shape (square/triangle) on the line
Uses a mature grasp to draw and color
Uses a knife to spread 
Opens all clothing fasteners
Can copy a cross
Can color between lines

5-6 years
Draws a recognizable picture (tree, house, person)
Cuts around a complex shape (heart/star)
Puts together puzzles with interlocking pieces
Able to write first name

Further information and resources can be found on the CDC website:

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Parent Resources:

Below are some helpful resources for further information regarding your child or a child you may know with a specific diagnosis

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